Super Food Exchange Revitalising Township Entrepreneurs

As the new year begins many school leavers will be seeking to enter the job market and not many will succeed in getting an employment. Given the current unemployment rate standing at 28 % probably entrepreneurship could be the solution for some.

Moringa Studio Superfood Exchange, teamed up with the National Development Plan 2030 to curb unemployment through entrepreneurship initiatives, is an enterprise in a undertaking to keep South Africa healthy with its health products known to have 92 nutrients, 27 vitamins and all nine essential amino acids that a human body need to function optimally.

The establishment co-founded by Marshall Makombe, a former business coach is set to have more township entrepreneurs distribute these nutritionally dense products packaged either as tea, capsules or condiments. Moringa is also an internationally acclaimed nutritious food from native India but now grown and available in several countries. In South Africa it is grown mainly in the Limpopo province. All entrepreneurs that order a minimum quantity set will qualify for free three months business coaching sessions valued @ R45 000.

According to statistics, it is reported that 70 % of small businesses fail within the first two years of operation, however it is reportedly less likely that coached entrepreneurs make the failure rate.

In this program, the Moringa establishment is affiliated with #JoinUsForTea and #TBIS 2019 and # TBIS 2020. The term ‘Tea’ in this context is an acronym for Township Entrepreneurs Alliance.

Orders and inquiries may be directed to 081 383 8034 or

Dumi Mkhabela Soweto Sunrise News

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