Kasi’lishias aims to Teach Children the Importance of Eating Healthily

Children in white aprons and chef bonnets next to a stove in charge of preparing a particular dish is not something we are likely to see, but Nomazizi Rajuili is on a mission to make all of that a daily practice for the kids of Soweto. “Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and wellbeing throughout life, so early education is an important step in starting children with a positive relationship with food and this begins with cooking classes at a young age,” related Nomazizi.

In accomplishing her mission in September 2019, Nomazizi established a kids cooking school named Kasi’lishias chefs in her home at Dube, Soweto. The cooking school inducted its second year on the 16th of February 2020 to recommence with its programme. Kasi’lishias chefs is a yearlong programme with over thirteen participants who are between the age of six and fourteen years, practicing on weekdays from 3 pm to 5 pm and having two sessions each Saturday.

Nompumelelo Mkhumbeni who was one of the parents attending Kasi’lishias chefs launch says she noticed some developments on her daughter’s cognitive abilities since she started the programme with Kasi’lishias, not only does she make better omelettes on her own but she now understands the measurements of the ingredients, the nutritional value of different foods and how to successfully follow a recipe.

 Nomazizi says culinary education naturally cultivates teamwork in children, has strong curriculum links across key learning and helps develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of the land and community. “When children are involved in hands-on learning through mixing and chopping and sitting together sharing a meal together, the impact is multi-faceted,” hinted Nomazizi.

Their main challenge is not having adequate kitchen utensils and cooking ingredients. Nomazizi encouraged the parents to show full support for their children because this is not just a hobby but a journey to producing future professional chefs. “Cooking classes and clubs for kids who are enthusiastic about making recipes are just two of the most programs suitable for future chefs. Kids who join this program receive encouragement from their instructor and peers this is also a great way for kids to meet other young people who share the same interest,” concluded Nomazizi.

Bongiwe Radebe Soweto Sunrise News

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