Sa’s Iconic Chappies Bubblegum Launch Cola Flavour

South-Africa’s leading and legendary bubblegum, Chappies, with its iconic “Did you know” facts line is now bringing a fun and flavour bubblegum that will keep the Chappies chewers blowing bubbles of Chappies Cola. Chappies SA was created in the late 1940’s by Arthur Ginsburg at the Chapelat factory in the small Johannesburg suburb of Troyeville.

Joining the initial Chappies five flavours, the launch of the limited-edition flavour took place on the 3rd of March at the Chafpozi restaurant in Orlando East.

Category Brand Manager for Gum, Trushann Thomas, mentioned that working with Josiah illustrates how impactful Chappies is within South-African communities. Josiah, also known as the Chappie artist, has a passion for creating contemporary and abstract art from Chappies wrappers. The new Chappies Cola flavour is a culmination of South-Africa’s number one bubblegum brand along with the number one leading soft drink flavour. The combination of the two will excite both young and old audiences who have enjoyed chewing and blowing bubbles with Chappies over the past years.

Chappies limited-edition Cola flavour is available at select wholesalers, taxi ranks and spaza shops nationwide. One of the biggest moments on the horizon during the launch included a self portrait competition of blowing a bubblegum with Chappies Cola and practical artworks rendition of drawing and painting.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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