Gogo celebrates 100th birthday

A great-great Grandmother who has many memories of living through the Apartheid era has celebrated her 100th birthday. The Doornkorp resident marked her milestone birthday on Saturday, March 14, with a one-day memorable celebration surrounded by family and friends.

Known as Gogo Rose Dlamini, the emotional senior enjoyed a lavish party at the Motse Moholo old age home in Doornkop. Gogo Rose was identified by the founder of the home, Nkele Manka through her support program aimed at providing care to senior citizens. “I first met Gogo Rose two years ago, and at the time we were busy looking for an appropriate place to house the senior citizens. “Added Nkele the passionate director of Motse Moholo home based care.

Local business and residents showered Gogo Rose with gifts including groceries and beddings, while Pick’n Pay baked and presented a beautifully decorated birthday cake as a gesture of appreciation and care. Some of the elderly people celebrated with gogo by joyfully and singing dancing at the beginning of the party event. Despite being 100 years old, Gogo Rose is still capable of following conversations and communicating well with other people.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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