Joint Operation by Security Clusters intensifies

On Thursday 23rd April Gauteng SAPS Commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela informed the media at a briefing at the Diepkloof Police Station of the Joint Operations that include roadblocks that would be introduced in various locations in Soweto as strategy to curb the non-complying residents during the Covid19 lockdown. General Mawela indicated that during lockdown the crime category that they still were still battling with were burglaries in business premises. Otherwise the good report was that the various criminal activities have dropped down significantly.

When responding as to why Gauteng has lesser crime stats than that of the Western Cape province, he mentioned that the JMPD, EMPD, and Tshwane are a strong wing of the law enforcement clusters that complement the SAPS, making Gauteng a secure province. In addition to that, the deployment of the army also marked a significant contribution. Police visibility in Gauteng streets serves as a crime deterrent to criminal activities.

“The approach of the planned roadblocks throughout the problem areas beginning from this day henceforth is to stem the authority of the state. It is also to educate the communities as they come across each citizen to protect their interests so we all stay safe, by adhering to lockdown regulations and prevent the spread of the pandemic.” Reiterated the General. They will be working on the problem areas to deal with those who roam the streets unnecessarily.

We also work with the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) who supply us with the updates of the pandemic hit map (the high-risk areas) where there is congestion and high movement of people who don’t observe regulations and so forth. The model also works when getting complaints from concerned citizens where they’ll channel their forces. Citizens have also been proactive in reporting back door sales of booze. He urged the licenced liquor traders to observe the regulations failing which they stand to lose their liquor trading licence.

The security clusters arrived at the Bara taxi rank, one of the problem areas where they successfully conducted their joint operation, before visiting other areas to enforce compliance to protocol. Members of the SANDF distributed Covid19 awareness pamphlets to commuters and taxi drivers and politely urged people to wear masks as we are dealing with an invisible enemy. Commuter loads on taxis were checked and random searches conducted. Informal traders presented permits when requested by members of the provincial health administration. In the process one butchery owner was nabbed for selling meat products beyond expiry dates. Those on the wrong side of the law got arrested on the spot.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News

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