Volunteer Ministers deep clean, disinfect surfaces

Recently just about a month ago, Deep Cleaning for most businesses meant scrubbing the floor and dispelling off dust in office premises. Then came the scare of the Corona virus where deep cleaning suddenly took to a new public health-agency. The business opportunities and operations like most companies came to a halt for Deep Cleaning. Since the announcement of the national lockdown, Scientology Volunteer Ministers, one of the largest volunteer disaster response organizations in the world, who are sponsored by the church of Scientology, have launched the viral disaster response program to address the spread of Covid19.

The volunteer ministers have been sanitizing and educating people on hygiene, mostly essential service personnel, shelters, old age homes, taxi ranks and those who are mostly at risk to contract covid 19.

In an exclusive interview with Soweto Sunrise News, Scientology Volunteer Ministers spokesperson, Sandile Hlayisi, mentioned that they are using a chemical called Decon 7. A compound approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, capable of killing 99.9999% of germs, viruses and bacteria. ” We do not ensure that people will not contract the Corona virus, but at least Decon 7 kills any germ that is found in the immediate environment”. We educate people on the basic steps to take, enabling them to keep their hygienic standards tip-top at all times using our informative booklet, ‘How to keep self and others well’.  It may be download freely on our website www.Scientology.org/staywell, added Sandile.

To date, the volunteer ministers have sanitized 1624 individual buildings, 65 400 hours of day to day voluntary work and 1728 essential services vehicles including ambulances, police vehicles and fire trucks. This is from their own purse with millions of Rands spent to bring relief in these pressing times. As the outbreak of the Corona virus continues to evolve, more and more people will require the services of Volunteer Ministers to help disinfect their living surfaces.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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