Aus Dorcas’ creative face masks

Dorcas Neshehe has vast experience working in the textile industry. She worked for years at a reputable boutique in Northcliff Johannesburg and having been home observing the lockdown regulations like many residents of Doornkop, she discovered a light-up moment.

After seeing the need for face masks her son in law asked him to get up! “we’re going to create protective face masks for people.” Having a sewing machine at home with which she puts together stunning wedding garments, matric dance outfits, special occasions designs, etc. She then decided to put together a few designer masks from her material off-cuts with little hope if this was going to work out.

To her surprise as Mohapi, a retail store salesperson, made a few calls and to their surprise orders started flowing in with the first batch selling quicker than expected. Mohapi took with him a few designer masks whenever he visited the stores to getting essential foodstuffs and showed people in the queues the few samples, who then placed orders after taking his contacts.

Through word of mouth many people have acquired the different styled masks, from bright coloured op-art motifs to traditional, and then some, they come with hygiene guidelines on how to handle the masks to recommended health standards. Through her family’s support, and by adhering to protocol, it is remarkable that her skill becomes crucial in the fight against Covid-19. Tel: 073 408 1684.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News  

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