Doxas Chem offers Car Care Products to Taxi Operators

Christmas came early for taxi operators at the Indingilizi and Dobsonville Mall taxi ranks on a sunny Sunday of the 31st of May 2020. The congregants from Spiti Tis Doxas Ministries church in Mondeor offered their self-manufactured products labelled Doxas Chem to the operators who watched with bewilderment as a fleet of vehicles entered the taxi rank and as they unsuccessfully tried to cordon them off, ladies got of the cars showering the drivers with liquid tyre polish as well as the dash conditioner.

Doxas Chem which produces different soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc, showcased the new products under their manufacturing list. The crew at the rank were well pleased as they mentioned, “Yi mahala, is it for free? Asikhokhi we don’t pay?” Evidently in these trying times, people are sceptical to receive items freely without obligation as one driver immediately went straight to his wheels to test the products and cheerfully jumped, raising his hands in excitement and approval as his white walled wheels shone like instant magic.

As the church members wearing white T-shirts continued to distribute, more people including passengers and passers-by came in to enquire hoping to get a hand on the clear liquid bottle that they mistook for an alcohol sanitizer. One operator asked for contacts of which were on the product labels and suggested that they get sold in the future at the rank as they realize that it works. Another appreciated the church for extending the hand to the much important transport operators in our communities. A message of joy and cheer amidst difficult times faced by many families in our society.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News.

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