Eye of The Tiger Rugby Academy Intervention on Pandemic

Eye of The Tiger Rugby Academy Intervention on Pandemic
In response to growing food security demand in the country, Eye of the Tiger Rugby academy, decided to heed call by bringing relief in the form of grocery vouchers to needy residents in communities of Gauteng.

In a media statement, Eye of the Tiger Rugby academy president Ms Viwe Qegu,said the organization recruits talented players from different communities in South-Africa, including in rural and township schools to skill them to reach their full potential in rugby and gain access to opportunities that will uplift them.

“Our intention to date is to develop the youth not only in rugby, but in all aspects of life. We currently have realized that there has been a lot of apprehension with most families due to the loss of food security and loss of income during the lockdown and pandemic. Our youth become the most affected, hence we would like to contribute in saving lives, by advocacy, education and spreading the message to control the spread of the Covid-19, therefore mask up, wash your hands, practice social distancing.” Reiterated Qegu.

President Qegu further stated that the academy has thus far committed itself to promote and encourage social behaviour change to curb the spread of Covid 19 infection. “We hope South-Africa will heed the call, take action and precautions that can save lives”.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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