GroundUp Campaign Against the National Lotteries Commission

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) notes the continued false, defamatory, and injurious attack by GroundUp today. Aside from the content of this campaign being slanted and biased, it is littered with half-truths and supposition.

Paragraph 2.1 of the Press Code of Ethics and Conduct to which GroundUp is subject, provides as follows under the general heading Independence and Conflicts of Interest:

The media shall: 2.1 not allow commercial, political, personal or other non-professional considerations to influence reporting, and avoid conflicts of interest as well as practices that could lead readers to doubt the media’s independence and professionalism.

The NLC has filed a formal complaint against GroundUp to the Press Council, asking the question: How is it that the controllers and editors of GroundUp permit their investigative journalist to pursue a deeply personal agenda against the NLC in his personal capacity under GroundUp’s name?

Surely, a journalist reporting in a self-proclaimed objective, investigative publication cannot be permitted by his editor to become a protagonist advocate of the GroundUp story.

The NLC has asked the Press Council to rule on this unprofessional practice by GroundUp and is now constrained to include in this complaint the new false and grossly injurious attack on the NLC published today.

The smear contained in content published today is that the NLC are the backers of a case brought by the United Civil Society in Action in the High Court, requiring GroundUp to adhere to the law which protects grant recipients of the NLC from intimidation. This adds to the long list of smears perpetrated by GroundUp against the organisation. The NLC shall bring this and the ulterior motive of the GroundUp reporting team against it to the court’s attention.

The NLC calls on GroundUp to remove the offending posts and comments from their platforms with immediate effect.

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