Hundreds of Volunteers Dedicated to Mandela Day

On 18 July, hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers specifically dedicated their day of volunteer work to Nelson Mandela for his Birthday. 

Actively working in making the world a better place themselves, all Volunteer Ministers worked on that day to honor Madiba’s life work and his dreams of a better place, by doing their volunteer work for him.

The day, officially called “Nelson Mandela International Day” was launched in 2009 in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday via unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly.   

Therefore on the 18th of July 2020, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers rolled up their sleeves across Gauteng and reported that they have:

–      Sanitized 257 buildings, comprised of clinics, homeless shelters, old age homes, orphanages and more.

–      Sanitized over 2000 taxis, fire trucks, ambulances

–      Provided 3000 hours of volunteer work on Mandela day.

Those statistics adds to the 13,000 buildings they have already sanitized

since lockdown started in March, as well as the nearly 400,000 police cars, taxis, ambulances and fire trucks they have sanitized as well.

A volunteer mentioned that his whole day was filled with compassion, keeping in mind the Mandela quote when he said, “It Is in Your Hands to Make of Our World A Better One For All.”   “Contributing to creating that on that day made me feel really good. I will continue to do so with even more passion.”, said the volunteer. 

Another volunteer confirmed that as well. “In the current situation we are all in right now, working in creating Mandela’s dreams – which are also ours – made my day special.  It makes me want to do more and not just on that day.”

The Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Sandile Hlayisi, reports that all Volunteer Ministers were honored to give their day on the 18th July for Mandela.   “There is a definite pride all South Africans feel on that day.  We stood tall when he was here and we still stand tall.  We felt privileged to be able to contribute for him, while he did so much for this country.  We love him as if he were still here.”

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers continue to find more ways to help South Africans during the pandemic, all based on the Volunteer Ministers technology written by L. Ron Hubbard, who was himself a great humanitarian.

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