Gozone Water Purification Success

The upbeat neighborhood of Chiawelo in Soweto has gone from a place where clean water was scarce, bottled water expensive and soda much cheaper to a place where they have a reliable source of purified water and profitable business in just two years. Mndeni Ndebele recently joined Soweto Sunrise News to share Gozone purification plant’s memorable two-year journey.
“In response to shortage of purified water in our communities, we’ve decided to build a purification plant to ensure that our customers get purified water effectively”. Seeing my quizzical look, Mr Ndebele smiles and say he co-founded the business with one of his associates two years ago. “We then approached Gozone for a franchise deal.” Added Ndebele.
According Mndeni, water is pumped from the tap to the purification plant and after being filtered and cleansed, safe and purified water is pumped into small bottles and packed nicely. The plant is expected to produce billions of highly purified waters for Soweto residents and surroundings over the next decade. The new plant known as Gozone water purification center, has not been without problems. When they first decided to approach Gozone for franchisee, they thought things would be that easy. But a lack of business, and rental problems drove up the costs. But the plant is now running smoothly.
The water bottles and refills can be bought at the store in Chiawelo, Soweto. A single 500ml bottle of water costs R6.50 and customers pay R1.20 per liter for a refill.
The offer personalized bottled water for both individuals and businesses such as parties, weddings, events, funeral palours, etc.
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