Security Services more Vital than Before

Whilst the security guard services have been reduced in various areas and verticals, it has been discovered that in other places the services are currently viewed as more vital than before. Sithembiso Khumalo worked as a security guard at Maponya Mall, Soweto until May this year, when his employers assigned him into a new position, in which he would conduct temperature checks on shoppers entering the mall.
Khumalo was given a mask, goggles, and gloves. “But we did not get was sufficient training,” related Khumalo and further mentioned that, “they basically handed us the equipment and a printout of a Power-point presentation.” On the first day, he learned how to use the thermometer gun, stood at the front of a line as mall patrons entered inside to to carry out their business.
As he carried on with his routine checks he was responsible to send them back home if their temperature was higher than 38 degrees Celsius. “It all felt like a lot of weight on my shoulders. I had to basically become a medic, of which I am highly unqualified to handle,” he related.
During the early months of the scourge of the pandemic and whilst conducting temperature checks on shoppers Khumalo said he was concerned about the insufficient training he was provided, especially when things did not work out as planned. He said that at times he had to take the temperature of shoppers who were not wearing marks, so to protect himself, he asked them to turn around and pointed the thermometer gun to the back of their heads, and how was he supposed to respond to a situation where an individual shows a high fever or if they reacted negatively towards his instructions? and there were particularly more questions that boggled his mind especially when dealing with people. “I had plenty of queries but I am content that the president has reinforced the regulation that every person should wear a mask in public spaces now, and it seems like everyone has accepted the new normal of which has become the order of the day,” concluded Khumalo.

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