Arsema Thomas in As You Like It: Chilling with The Bard-Shakespeare Season

The Market Theatre will be celebrating Women’s Month with a Shakespeare twist across all our social media platforms from Thursday 20 August 2020!

Women’s Month is a commemoration and a tribute to the thousands of women who marched in 1956 which was a turning point in the role of women in the struggle for freedom and society at large. 

Chilling with Bard Shakespeare season is based on speeches from some of his prolific plays that were written for male characters. The plays have been carefully selected and matched with perfect actress by the Market Theatre Artistic Director James Ngcobo. Reversing the roles in this Shakespeare season will provide the actors with exciting roles of telling stories that where written more than 400 years ago but are still relevant today.

It is really a marvel that almost 400 years after he wrote this great literature, we are still intrigued and engulfed in this magnificent work of brilliance. Shakespeare poured his heart and imagination into these wonderous stories that have been acclaimed, enjoyed, and staged over the years.” Said James Ngcobo 

The Market Theatre is excited to launch the Chilling with Bard Shakespeare Season as a continuum of the online theatre seasons that have been creating a buzz on social media since April. 

Eleven of Mzansi finest female actresses take on performing this one hander plays on the John Kani stage in showcasing their diverse talent and just brilliant acting. Amazing combination of talent that will breathe new life to these 400 years old works.

It is important that we carry on in curating work that will keep artists busy and audiences entertained through this difficult time. As the Market Theatre we do not want this dark cloud to stifle what we do and drag us into a slumber. Keeping activities going and adhering to Covid 19 restriction is also quite important. We might be closed but stories are never paused!” added James Ngcobo Artistic Director.

Arsema Thomas, Awethu Hleli, Bianca Amato, Camilla Waldman, Charmaine Weir-Smith, Kate Liquorish, Leila Henriques, Renate Stuurman, Rorisang Motuba, Tinarie van Wyk Loots, Sarah Richard,  Vanessa Cooke and Zethu Dlomo Mphahlele will each present a speech carrying a theme that has some pertinence with what is going on around us, that is the joy of Shakespeare, his works remain timeless and relevant.

When we read and watch one of Shakespeare classic plays, we gain a deeper understating of the world around us.

“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never heaven go” William Shakespeare, Hamlet

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