Help for Disabled Children

On Friday, 14 August 2020 Spiti Tis Doxas Ministries descended on Ellen Glen in Snake Park, home and ECD centre for children with special needs to provide them with some much needed necessities in its care for the children with special needs. The love gifts included food items and diapers for the residents & pupils.
The visitors were warmly welcomed and treated to a sight-seeing tour within the premises. The founder of the home, Pontsho Maduna related the dire need for incessant material and immaterial support needed by the home including access to funding for working utilities replacement. These beds included mattresses and linen; structural improvement, insulation, ownership and size expansion, etc. Training and working capital for operational costs, namely; rent, food, clothing, detergents, teaching aids and other working aids, as well as salaries to existing staff-teaching, administration, therapists and counselors.
Mama Pontsho mentioned that the inspiration she got to start a home was from a personal experience of having a son with special needs. From the experience and the lessons learned, she then realized that she could also lend a hand by helping other parents and children as she had also been helped by other dedicated centers catering for children with special needs.
In her expression of gratitude to provision by Spiti Tis Doxas Ministries, she highlighted how much of a relief and confidence booster the care from total strangers such as the Ministry. She sadly highlighted that some of the children she cares for were literally dumbed by relatives with no further follow-ups nor interest in their upkeep at the center. But some she mentioned that they do attend to the logistical demands and handling of the passing of their beloved children at the center. She appeals for any kind of aid and support towards the home that they receive would be highly appreciated.

Dumi Mkhabela Soweto Sunrise News

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