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Step Up Pro Media is a local film production based in Orlando East, Soweto. The production was established on the 19th of July 2017.

The launch took place on the 9th of August 2020 having taken almost the whole day they showcased their second-best movie of all time. In addition to that, they strove to present local content that is based on real life events that reflect the daily lives of ordinary people in society. The movie-making story that conscientizes society about the pressing issues that impact individuals through the motion lens.

Free acting classes are offered at Step Up Pro Media. Also, video and picture editing as well as video camera training. The opportunities are imparted freely to the youth as reference arising from other productions as they believe there has to be mentoring, support and guidance throughout the exciting career.

“Sometimes we delay on our schedule due to lack of finance as we are actually required to put in administration efforts timeously, whilst going out and expanding our trainee’s practical knowledge, thus enabling them to get exposed to the diverse media industry challenges. The mentoring culminates in thrilling moments that express love and passion, courage and confidence, support and dedication. At times it is difficult to cater for all trainees at once because of the lack of sufficient equipment.” Related William Mphuthi, crew manager. 

The movie launched is particularly based on the debilitating child abuse and human torture that evokes macabre emotions.

The first part of the movie Thlopheho (Suffering), was written by Molelekeng Madinny Lebeko, Directed by William G. Mphuthi and Clifford P. Nyembe. The producer is William G. Mphuthi. 

Management: Caroline Ngomana, Nthati Phole, M. Madinny Lebeko, Jerry Mhlongo, Clifford P. Nyembe, John M. Khumalo, William G. Mphuthi 

Tlhopheho is a story about a teenage girl (Lerato) who went through the hard times in the hands of her alcoholic mother (Dibuseng) and that led to her running away from home. She ran straight into the arms of a drug dealer (Bra Jabu) who introduced her to the world of drugs. Lerato ultimately became addict and had to maintain the addiction and later succumbed to prostitution, coerced by Bra Jabu. Whilst in prostitution, she unfortunately and unknowingly slept with her own father, and fell pregnant. 

As for the two music videos, of which one was used as a sound track in the movie is called ‘Masibambhaneni’ by Abbsolype Bruno featuring Toto. The other track is a general hit track called ‘Dance on my music’ also by Abbsolype Bruno.

At the end of the launch and after watching the movie for the first time, the cast, crew and management of Step Up Pro Media reviewed the movie individually. The movie got polished to everyone’s satisfaction and subsequently rolled up for final editing in order to be submitted to the broadcasting channels. 

They request assistance any type of assistance in their motion picture initiatives.

For more information please kindly contact these numbers. Clifford Nyembe (+27 62 398 7835)

Or William G. Mphuthi (+27 73 144 3407)

Caroline Ngomana  (+27 72 258 5018)

Please check our Facebook page *step up pro media* 

YouTube and what’s app us for more updates. Coming soon film ‘Love Of My Life.’

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