Your Urgent Assistance, Intervention And Help Is Required

A few weeks ago the Fordsburg Independent Newspaper received a dire call from the aged, poor and needy in the Vrededorp, Fietas and Jan Hofmeyer communities literally crying for any form of help. They do not have food in their homes, are living in atrocious conditions and barely getting along with day to day living.

We have embarked on a project of making 205 parcels (102 Zakaat and 103 Lillah) to the value of R650 per family/home. In doing this we hope that our initiative will hopefully cover them for the month of October Inshaa Allah. By donating at least 1 parcel you are putting food on the table for one family.

Today, I appeal to you to open up your hearts and your pockets and assist those in our communities who are less fortunate than ourselves. This pandemic has taken its toll on many people especially the elderly and children resulting in our request list increasing daily.

Our parcels were simple, it consisted of the bare necessities that not even you and I can come out with every month, but to these people it was everything – a glimmer of hope and ease in these unfortunate times.

Please show your support… If not in a Hamper but any amount. This will assist us in buying bread or even cooking a meal for them.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute and how many families you would like to aid.

I thank you for sharing these few minutes with me and I await your urgent positive response.

Please also pass this message on to your friends, family and contacts.

The Banking details are:

Account name:

FI News Trust Account

Absa Bank – 9333299872

Fnb – 62201410420

Ref. Vrededorp Project and your name

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