When we hear the term race depending on which part of the racial spectrum we are in especially in South Africa we experience different emotions. The country has four racial groups with distinguishable physical features. Race is however a man-made concept that was created to impose imperialists notions on their victims, further enhancing those who benefit from it and repudiating those who are found to be subjugated by it, and deemed inferior.

It is my belief that when God was creating nations with different physical features, He was unleashing His creativity as He did with all the other species. Along with race comes the notion of racism which has infiltrated societies and put tremendous strain not only on our human relations and interactions but also on how we view ourselves. Scientists have used pseudo-science and eugenics to validate the existence of racism. Its far-reaching consequences have destroyed generations and also created what seems to be a permanent wedge between the different races.

Race is however a superficial concept and only scratches on the surface of what constitutes a human being. The complexity of a human being reaches far beyond physical concepts such as emotions and emotional intelligence which are experienced collectively and which transcend the racial barriers. Racism robs the perpetrators of the ability to embrace colour and diversity but rather gives them a monochromatic view which is dull and mundane.

It encourages contempt and it is often fuelled by hatred, furthermore creating divisions leaving the perpetrators thriving from it. It displays narcissism and a sense of entitlement, feeding on stereotypes and biases that create invisible walls within societies. Walls that are so thick that they often feel fortified. These walls are permeable however and transcending these walls of race takes a different kind of persona, one who is full of love and willing to embrace that which is different.
We are all made in a single image, the image of God and this God is a God of love, the God of peace and the God of unity.

My question to you is can racism be totally eradicated? Let us put on lenses that project a reflective surface of love, the world really needs. We can no longer afford to be trapped in myopia. What I have learned from the duration of lockdown is that humans are social beings created to influence and attract one another with love at the centre and as a catalyst of it all.

Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News

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