Suspension of Gauteng 2020 Summer Initiation Season

Following the Cabinet Decision on Customary Initiation practices taken at its meeting held on 30 September 2020, the Gauteng Initiation Task Team convened a meeting on 20 October 2020 to assess the impact and implications for our Province.

The Gauteng Initiation Task Team is comprised of Traditional Leaders, COGTA, Municipalities, Sector Departments, SAPS, CRL Rights Commission,
CONTRALESA, Gauteng Initiation Monitoring team and Regional Initiation

The meeting resolved to suspend the 2020 Summer initiation season, as a result of inadequate time remaining for registration and accreditation of initiation schools. Key considerations were the following:

– Covid 19 guidelines on health protocols for initiation not being finalised,
– Extended school calendar by the department of basic education,
– Affected Municipalities not being ready to resume with initiation.

While we welcome the Cabinet Decision, the Gauteng Initiation Task Team believes that it took this decision in the interest of safety of our children posed by inadequate preparation for the 2020 summer season. This will also ensure that the dignity of our age old custom is preserved.

Our monitoring team will remain intact to ensure that there are no illegal initiation schools taking place in Gauteng during this period. Anyone found breaking the law will be dealt with by the law enforcement agencies.

We plead with all our Communities to abide by this decision.

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