The so called new normal has drastically changed the landscape of what we call life and reality. Our lives were abruptly brought to a standstill, and we found ourselves having to go back to the drawing board to redefine our relevance in the new schemata of things.
There has never been a time when human interactions have been challenged to such magnitude, were we find ourselves having to think first before giving someone an embrace or even a handshake.

We find ourselves moving around wearing masks consequently losing the essence of the expressive facial non-verbal communication, which we so rely on to read each other’s state of mind and emotions. We are forced to revert back technology where we use emojis to communicate our emotions, but since there is an intricately deep level to human emotions emojis fall short of the essence of the humane.

The situation might look dire, and it might even seem as though there is no hope, but we need to be grateful of being alive and relying on the Creator for maneuvering us in this maze that is called life. He is the author of life, and He is the one who has set this whole plan in motion. Time and space were created by the living God and although He is not limited to a context, He masters all context and although not limited to time He masters the timelines. Therefore, He is the master of everything.

When making those resolutions for the new year, include the Lord because it is only in Him that we an find hope. Allow yourselves to continue to dream, because the bible says that were there are no dreams people perish, get up each morning with a sense of purpose. Let your sense of purpose not be downplayed by your financial situation, try and overcome the notion of lack by thinking abundance even though the situation does not allow it.

Our minds through dreams allow us to transcend our current situation by formulating pictorial images of those things that we wish to see. Filter what comes into your mind because we are constantly inundated with a myriad of information, view failure as an opportunity to grow and learn, those goals not attained this year can always be revisited in the following year.

Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News

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