Scientology Volunteer Ministers announce great statistics for Year-End 2020

With covid-19 stealing the lives of too many, President of the Church of Scientology in South Africa NPC (Non-Profit Corporation) announces that Scientology Volunteer Ministers had a great year saving the lives of millions, educating them in protecting themselves against covid-19, sanitizing tens of thousands of buildings and more than a million taxis, police cards, ambulances and training people on Tools for Life to provide practical courses so people can have a better time in their lives — and everything at their own cost. She claims remarkable statistics that shows how “Something can be done about it” — the motto of the Volunteer Ministers — even in time of disaster, when armed with the correct technology.

Some of the statistics that the President boasts about from her 300 volunteers includes:

– 45,799 buildings sanitized from buildings for vulnerable all the way to 35-floor government buildings

– 1.1 million vehicles sanitized from taxis, buses, police cars, ambulances, fire engines and army vehicles

– 300 partnerships with government offices, municipalities, other religious groups, etc.

– 364 seminars that provided practical tools to people so they survive better in time of pandemic or in their normal life

– 10,000 people trained and literally millions waiting to be trained

All that culminating to 729,500 hours of volunteer work given by the volunteers and literally millions truly helped.

“We have many reasons to be proud of our accomplishments. To know that we were there available at all time of day for our country and its citizens was very important to us. We considered it both our duty and pleasure to be able to assist. The smile and peace of mind of people after we assisted them were our “pay” and it was gratifying,” President Gaetane Asselin said. “When people from other groups started to join us because they too wanted to assist, that was really fantastic. They too had a taste of what it means to help one’s fellow man for no money. It is just a different but very rewarding experience,” the President added.

President Asselin says that with the Volunteer Minister technology written by L. Ron Hubbard more than 60 years ago, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers could go far and wide to assist people and even go to areas affected with covid-19 — without being affected by it themselves.

“People we assisted noted we had something special and they wanted it too. When they started the Tools for Life themselves, they understood what we are about and started to learn themselves,” added the President.

The people who did the training were revitalized, according to Asselin. To best describe this, she quotes part of a letter receive from the Department of Home Affairs Eastern Cape: “The Department of Home Affairs Eastern Cape has profoundly benefited by its fortuitous collaboration with the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers. I have no better words than to say plainly that the work you are doing is saving lives. You are not only protecting our service delivery from crumbling and ensuring service continuity, but that you are providing this service to our department and thereby the community free of charge is truly an act of altruism, lending help where it is significantly needed.

“Your actions are philanthropic and selfless, awakening the consciousness and promoting heightened levels of human hygiene under testing and trying circumstances. We are overwhelmed by the support given by Volunteer Ministers. I have personally seen the benefit of the free online Tools for Life faith-based courses that you offer and the complimentary hygiene training that you have offered my staff to enhance their safety and the safety of those they serve.

“That you give of yourselves, ceaselessly and freely, to enrich and protect the lives of those around you regardless of race, colour or creed makes you a religion of religions.”President Asselin says that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers learned a lot in 2020 about helping others.

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