Day by day, time after time…

Someone made a comment that they were grateful to wake up each morning, that they are grateful to see the beauty of another day. A bird chirps a song in the morning signalling uncertainties of the unfolding day. As light dawns on a new day what does one look forward to, the plans, schedules, meetings, technicalities and reports. How value has changed amongst us, how we perceive the uncertainty of what’s going to happen next? Just what is the true meaning of living freely in our times?

Some of the debonairs from my generation share sentimental stories of how they took a test only to discover the worst and getting a wake up call over what can happen to an individual at some point. One related that it happened to him in the early stages of the first lockdown. Having been left with a little or not much to do he became driven and armed by the will to live and considering his family and kids, he fought to survive and overcome the horror that has lately become a living reality to many in our society.

The invisible scarecrow leaves a vacuum in the imagination of many, as one lady sincerely mentioned that “I have done all that was needed, I followed protocol, I practiced good hygiene, practically kept the required distance and avoided crowds. How could this have happened to me.”
I can just see the workers in their cubicles looking across each other with suspicion in the open plan offices. Behind the partitions in one’s little space of production, a decently dressed person would ask, “Where were my colleagues over the past weekend? What were they up to and who were they interacting with?

What would leave a pressing question is how would an individual land in the Joburg CBD without wearing a face mask. A disturbingly daring act that landed this particular individual in the hands of the Metro Police over such obvious negligence. And they have the propensity to try and explain their way out of it, and yet we are all aware of the binding regulations as emphasised by the state President during his family meeting speeches.

It is such an emotive sight also to see the little people at primary and day care centres wearing face masks. I can just picture them within their little minds of how they perceive the strange world that they find themselves in. When is the practice going to end? Is there something in the air, is there a way to explore it?
Through this uncertain journey of who or what’s next, I remember the lyrics from the 90’s, a song from the octa-platinum hit album by Sean Puffy Combs ‘Do you know where you’re going to.’

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News