There is Always a Creative Way Out

Have you ever felt boxed in, feeling like you can just break free, or find yourself in a situation that seem impossible to get out of. You look around in all four directions and you realize that the only person that can free yourself from this predicament is your own creative mind. An intense challenge that you feel even the brainy companion next to you cannot seem to resolve?

That calls for a thought process that is out of the ordinary. An intuition that says you can draw a certain line that has never been drawn before. A selection of coordinates that hit points that seem to defy regular familiar norms and space! This is a time that you exert yourself beyond limits, beyond boundaries that no one else have ever pondered! This is what is called breaking the frontiers of the known world. An emotional escapade charged beyond boundaries.

Let me bring you closer to home. Have you ever been to an impossible situation, circumstances that compel you to use imaginary tools to survive by extending your imagination to break free in a daring fashion. And days later if not weeks, you wonder how you ever put into place those abstract ideas that materialized into tangible realistic aids that made you survive your ordeal. That’s the power of the creative mind in action with precise steps and as intense that you realise that it had or have nothing to do with fate!

Creatives thrive on the power of imagination, but that’s not all. Every human being is empowered to think beyond comprehension. No matter where you are or your immediate background, there is always something special about the next brain. Unless of course if one frees himself/herself from the ordinary, and extends themselves to territories and terrains beyond reach. There are worlds out there that still needs to be explored, I’m talking creative that is. The static and the moving, the atomic world and its studies have not been concluded, nothing is ever conclusive.

There are still many colours, hues, structures and dimensions that keep evolving through the naked eye, reflected into the ever flowing imaginative mind. What can be revealed and discovered can never be accustomed to the ordinary. There are harmonious movements advancing at various speeds in one direction, in alternate directions, sideways, in circles, in diagonals ready for the imaginative mind to flow cohesively with them, to delve into them, attune into them and be in harmony with them by so gaining the advantage of what goes into the infinite thus defying space, sound and time-lines.

What is the way out of from my familiar space, surrounding, and world? What can I do about my current immediate situation? Why can’t I do something, anything without being limited by the ordinary? What can I do with what I’ve got and what I haven’t. Being aware of where I began, there are no limits as to what I can transcend, I’m more than enough, much more with the ability to break beyond limiting words that have played on my head. My floating thoughts are mind-blowing and I can do exceedingly more, I am limitless in the periphery of sound imagination. I can alter the power of movements, and vibrations to maximize time and chance to my advantage. I am a creative blessed with unlimited potential and there is no stopping as to what I can encapsulate!

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News