The world was created by words, God spoke the worlds into existence, words that we speak have shaped our worlds and the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Words are not just tools for communication but they carry with them skills, emotions, knowledge about the world around us and how it works, words have strengthened families and some have broken down families.
The Bible tells us that we will be held accountable for each idle word spoken. Each day our brains work like a sieve, taking in some words and repudiating others, some remain with us and haunt us forever, some build us up, words are so powerful that they remain even after we have left the world, we still quote words spoken by great men and women who came before us, their words propel us to function and make inferences regarding some circumstances in our lives.
There are volumes of books made up of words which enlighten us about worlds and how they function, intergalactic interactions which bring to our light worlds that are light years away from us. Storytellers captivating us and letting us into their worlds, broadening our world and experiences.
If we understand the importance of words we would take careful consideration before uttering each word, let us use our tongues to speak words of encouragement, use words as building blocks, give compliments instead of criticism, people never get tired of hearing how good they are or how beautiful they look, think about when was the last time you gave a compliment, positive words are not dependent on circumstances, you could be having a bad day but that does not prevent you from uttering positive words and if you utter positive words while having a bad day it changes your mood and your perception of the day will change.
As receptors we should be careful how we conceptualise words, since this can be influenced by our past experiences, most conflicts are created by words that were wrongfully conceptualised, and inferences made that were not necessarily true.

Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News