Cues Sport development on the Right Track

Aspiring players recently descended to Meadowlands zone 3 to witness the first ever Cues Sport (Pool and Snooker) program in the township. The Meadowlands Cues sport (MCS) – fronted by the former World Cues Champion Wetsi ‘Ndofaya’ Morake, is on a mission to deliver a new generation of world class athletes.
Officially formed in 2018, the sports organization’s vision is to develop youth and disabled women and make them achieve quality life through their talents and also contribute meaningfully to the economy of the country.
Since its humble beginnings, the game has always been a popular sport in communities and inappropriately referred to the game of taverns. In recent years, however, the identity of the game has begun to change as its popularity has spread across the various communities.
Enlarging on the programme, Meadowlands Cues sport project manager, Wetsi Morake, indicated that the program has seen flashes of interest in the township. “We have initiated 3 weekends for Cues sport training sessions for different categories which are, under 12, under 19 and specially-able women. The response to the training stints have been most encouraging”, added Morake. He explained that youth are talented and some did not have platforms to display what they could offer and believed that his project would be ideal to address that.
He further noted that the move had been made possible through dialogue and negotiations between his organization (MCS) and the department of Arts, Sports and Culture. Training organizers have also showcased a number of delightful techniques including the Cues sport stance, grip and many more. The training lived up to its exciting expectations with training attendees pitting against their opponents under the same category during the brief tournament.
The concept was embraced by stakeholders in the country and is being viewed as a positive sign, which could unearth new talents amongst the youth, who can be developed further professionally.
Rafique Limbada, head coach of South African National Cues sport, stated that Mr Morake has been instrumental towards the prosperity of the game in the country. “Training like this will continue to unearth and harness much needed sporting skills and talented youngsters in the country”, concluded Limbada. Limbada added that a lifelong dream of Morake is bearing fruit. Limbada also indicated that the event attracted a large turnout from Soweto and other townships in the vicinity.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News