Criminals Targeting Impala Road users

Police in Kagiso in the Westrand are warning motorists and pedestrians using the Impala road next to Tshepisong to be always cautious of criminal activities on that route. Cases of armed robberies directed at unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians have been reported at Kagiso SAPS for the past three weeks. Attempted murders and murders have also been registered including sometimes opportunistic crimes where criminals prey on frustrated motorists.

A complaint of theft out of motor vehicle was registered at the SAPS Kagiso on Thursday 2021/06/03. The victim alleged that he was driving on Impala road at about 12:55 when he noticed a group of protesters using burning tyres to barricade the road next to the main robots intersection near Leratong hospital. The traffic had come to a standstill when unknown suspect suddenly opened and jumped inside the victim’s vehicle, stealing a plasma TV set placed on a middle seat.

Some concerning incidents is when women are ambushed by unknown armed suspects who pull them from the road into the nearby bushes to rob and or rape the victims.
*Walking on Impala road at night can be equally very risky like offering a lift to a stranger or to a woman.
*Motorists using that route must always keep their car doors and windows locked.
*Do not also place any valuables where criminals can easily see and be tempted to break into your car.
*Increase caution at intersections and always keep a lookout for people loitering around your car.

Kagiso SAPS
011 696 9052

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