Delive A Ring drives Mandela Day charm

Deliv A Ring delivers at your doorstep efficiently with confidence and pride. Established by Tiisetso Mathodlana and Kulani Maluleke in Krugersdorp, the delivery business gives youth an opportunity of a sustainable business with not only a financial boost but also keeping them healthy through cycling delivering various items to clients within a few kilometres’ radius. With a list of potential businesses as their clients, the bikers deliver orders on time! To put a cherry on top they have a motorbike for clients in farther locations.

They conduct about 600 deliveries monthly, and ever since their started, Tiisetso mentions cheerfully that the response from the residents in Kagiso and surrounds has been phenomenal.  Therefore, on 18 July they decided to conduct a soup kitchen as an act of goodwill to serve people in the community, thus thanking them for their support, through the trying times of the pandemic. The delicious soup having cooked by Kulani, was served by members of the delivery enterprise to the community quelling the freeze and enjoying the delightful meal. Whilst the young ladies were treated to sanitary gift packs.

Tiisetso mentioned that the idea of a delivery agency came in 2019 as the President announced the delivery enterprise opportunities. Knowing the youngsters with bikes, he brought them together on a pitch. “We had to modernise the township experience with innovation.” He mentioned. The youth were already in Enke’s ‘Business on a Bike’ kickstart delivery program but had no idea how to go about it. The former banker and small business coach in his capacity envisioned the move with his partner Kulani to be an ideal part of the business’s portfolio evidence. The youth at Deliv A Ring also get the benefit of business skills training workshops.

With more than 6000 deliveries on their basket, the project has won the ‘Enke make your mark’ awards of having employed a large number of people in a short time which was, “employing 10 – 15 youngsters during the lockdown,’ as well as ‘the most progressive enterprise’ in November 2020. The future looks bright as the multi award-winning brand plan to complement more motorbikes for their growing business. Deliv A Ring 067 621 9835.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News