A Cancer killing our Nation

Patriarchy is a system against women potential. For so many years this system suppressed and abused women globally, it never recognized them as living beings and world influencers. Yet funny enough women outnumber men. Living under this evil system many women consider abuse a private matter. Thus, they keep it a secret and suffer alone. One would ask what has become of this world. Are we living in the last days as predicted by the Bible?
In South Africa women abuse is considered a national key point as the government saw this as a serious issue and can humper foreign investments. who would want to invest his money in the country where women are been treated as slaves and killed? So they decided to deal with it now.

August is considered a women’s month as women from all walks of life take it upon themselves to voice their concerns regarding this matter and plead with the government to intervene and put in structures that will support them. However, these structures are not enough to cater for many of them.

When politicians campaign for elections, issues affecting women hardly cross their intelligent minds. Interestingly, in many countries, South Africa included, women are in the majority which makes them the majority voters. Yet their pressing issues don’t feature prominently in the politician’s campaign manifestos. Question is are females taken for granted?

South African women have been and still are victims of the patriarchal system, as men play the role of gods. There are issues contributing to women abuse such as lack of development for them, be it spiritually, educationally, leadership roles, financially, and voicing their opinions. Many men use this patriarchal system to provide finances in order to control women and in the end, when under pressure they turn into monsters, inflicting abuse.

Abuse damages women physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This leads them to believe that they are nothing and are worthless which results in depression, poor coping abilities and worse, suicidal tendencies.

The society as a whole seems fighting this cancer alone over and over as perpetrators are always roaming the streets freely placing society at risk as you will never know who the next victim will be. When will our society be progressive with more successful career women, being equal in their homes? Some are successful but that isn’t enough.

The government idea of 50/50 is only on paper but not a reality. If we can change the mindset of the patriarchal system from men, this world will be a better place for women. We should note that some sectors in the South African society are prone to violence, partly a legacy of apartheid with some males taking the lead as perpetrators because of a lack in economic participation? The question remains, is Democracy failing women?

Thabo Motlhabi Soweto Sunrise News