Going Back

Will we ever go back to what many perceive as being normal? Our lives have been turned upside down, it is almost as though we are fighting a losing battle. The enemy is an invisible force that is constantly mutating, every effort is rendered futile as we struggle, not only to comprehend, but also to use scientific weaponry.
Our physical world seems to be caving in on us, every day someone we know has either passed on or is fighting for their lives, in hospital. Information is changing at an alarming rate as virologists and epidemiologists try understand the nature of this pandemic, countries are at loggerheads, grappling for vaccines which at are made to be a unilateral solution to a worldwide problem, countries are in a race to reach herd immunity, but this has proven to be futile as the virus keeps mutating.
Governments are charged exorbitant prices and little or no time is given for them to make informed choices. In all of this God remains constant, in times such as these we should plunge ourselves more into the word of God, the bible has warned us of the end times, where the rapture if the church is eminent, Christ is coming for His church, never in the history of humanity has the spirituality of life been so evident.
We live in the dispensation of God the Holy Spirit, who is an integral part of the trinity, in His divinity He had decided to take habitation in the human body using it as His tabernacle. Making us citizens of Heaven and giving us a Godly life. The most precious gift of an eternal presence with God, the one who created it all for His glory, the embodiment of love, peace and joy.
Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News