Basadi Prayer and GBV Awarenes at Intersection

On the 28th of August the dedicated Social activist group Basadi Ba Mogale, incorporating the GBV Brigades called out to the community to come take part in a prayer dedicated to several issues that affect society. This as they lined up singing hymns and being vocal at the busy intersection of Sonap, Sebenzisa Drive and Kagiso Avenue bracing on a windy Friday in Kagiso. Motorists blew horns in solidarity as they drove past, with passers-by joining in the demonstration.
Backed and supported by the Mogale City Public Safety officers, the ladies related how the violence against women persists in the neighbourhoods and remain committed in the fight against GBV offences and awareness, as they see the how victims fall prey to perpetrators. As mothers in society they mentioned that they bear weight of raising sons especially those finding themselves at the wrong side of the law inflicting pain to members of society at large.
Amongst the leaders in society bracing the occasion were the Kagiso Pastoral fraternity members in Pastors Joe Mabuela and his counterpart Pastor Percy Makholwa who said a prayer for the community pleading God’s intervention to alleviate the pain that has engulfed our society.
In his moving speech Pastor Mabuela mentioned, “It is not right that when my children leave my home in the morning that I should be praying for their safety, we cannot afford to live in an abnormal society where some of our male counterparts have decided to become animals by inflicting all sorts of assaults on women. We have heard of shocking statistics that between the months of April and June, 10 000 women were raped across the country. It is also not normal that those who take steps to open a case are in turn treated like offenders, because the environment fails them by not being conducive. In this regard, we are here to say that this must come to an end. The government bear the responsibility as our leaders that this is resolved! We have gathered here, praying together to ask our Lord God to be with us in these hard times.”
A moment of silence was conducted in memory and dedication to women that fell victim to brutal assault and killings. Subsequent to that the was a candle lit prayer made by all in attendance symbolizing unity and solidarity within the community.
Some of the concerns that were highlighted was the scourge of covid-19 that adversely affected the livelihoods of people in communities, as more and more people fall victim to the monster in health and socio economic challenges.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News