SGB Leader with a Difference

Meet Angeline Nyandeni a renowned leader and social activist. Affectionately known as ‘Sis B,’ she started her service as School Governing Body member at the Setlolamathe primary school in Kagiso location back in 2008 where she got elected to deputy chairperson, treasurer and later chairperson. Reeling from the unfulfilling retail career, that hindered her to attending school meetings, she felt the urge to dedicate her services to uplift the education of an African child and therefore quit her job in order to administer full time her SGB responsibilities.”My sole purpose as an SGB member was to take care of school kids.” She affirmed.

Many people in society are still clueless as to what the School Governing Body does but she mentions that the importance of parents in the school is to make its operations flawless. She indicates that in her view, the presence of a parent in school premises assures the learners and instils discipline as some disrespect their teachers. The principal and teaching staff are relieved of discipline issues handled by the SGB so they concentrate on learning responsibilities. She also indicates that the videos that are published in various media prompted her to take action and make a difference. They ensure that the school has all the necessities that the learners need.

The reason why they haven’t had any serious cases, was the fact that she read the schools code of conduct at Mosupatsela High School, where she debuted as deputy chairperson in 2014 after leaving the primary set-up. There she would ascend to being chairperson. The only few learners who got called to disciplinary meetings were those who flawed the code of ethics. Also during the pandemic parents help teachers with the adherence to Covid-19 regulations, to wearing masks, social distancing, hygiene, etc.

She mentioned that she used eye-contact to communicate with learners and they understood her, and those guilty of mischief would easily show with their uneasiness, and that includes when she crosses paths with them in the community.
“Sometimes ill-discipline in a child resembles a cry for help, that could be problems at home, etc. In some extreme cases we would visit the child’s home in assessing the background thus offer relief interventions. That also helps the teacher understand what affects the child’s behaviour and also that learner would realize what normal behaviour means.”Related Angeline.

These interventions helped a lot of kids including those considered hardened, and she keeps helping them even as she left the SGB in the 1st quarter of 2021 as she now focusses on community activism. Even when her term ended she still gets students coming to her for advice. “This is the little I can do, I cannot change the whole world but the little I do does ripple to others.” She reiterates.

During free periods at the school, she would use it as the opportunity to guide learners with the essentials of life thus shaping them to be responsible adults. She also mentioned that some teachers extend a hand to needy children, one such was the late Mr Lucky Diale, who shared her passion in helping learners, would adopt kids from poor backgrounds and assist them with their various schooling requirements from his own pocket.

She maintains that those who matriculated still call her Mama B. It was hard for her colleagues to let her go especially educators, who would encourage to apply for a teaching post as she was good with the learners. Their fondness came by her tendencies such as organising get well messages when an educator gets ill or suffers a mishap. Therefore as she left the school, they awarded her with a meritorious achievement award (insert).” My service to schools in all those years was quite fulfilling! She concluded.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News