March closes 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children

On the 10th of December Friday 2021, Community Police Forum (CPF) in kagiso together with different stakeholders such as Kagiso Police, Universal Church in Kagiso Hillview, Department of Social Development, Mogale City Libraries Representative, God Divine Nature, Child Protection Hotline, Department of Community Safety, Kagiso Victim Empowerment and West Rand District held a march from the church to Kagiso Police station.

The march started from the church after a service where stakeholders addressed the community members of kagiso. They all centred around the different types of abuse and where to report the crime, and furthermore empowering the victims to speak up and fight the scourge of abuse in the community at large.

The Police vehicle for Gender Base Violence driven by Sergeant Nhlanhla Sithole from kagiso Police Station led the march from the front in transit and church truck with Pastor Thikha at bearing the loud-speaker as the community rallied behind followed by the Krugersdorp Fire Department.

They marshalled the streets of Kagiso evoking interest from community members who received the message well as the marchers handed out the flyers. The procession passed through the Kagiso Shopping Mall, and ended at the Kagiso Police station.

Chairperson of Community Police Forum Ms. Mary Matsepe mentioned, “the main purpose of the march was about 16 days of activism as we all know today is the last day of 16 days of awareness campaign but we as the forum from kagiso police station decided that this campaign will not end up without us not organizing a march to spread the message to the community that Gender Based Violence even if it doesn’t stop after 16 days,we should continue to fight. We work together with the brigades from the department of Community Safety, who are on the field executing the door to door campaign identifying abuse in households. They will also work with the police to help the victims to speak out against any form of abuse they experience at home.” Reiterated Matsepe .

The annual South African Calendar, from 25th of November to 10th of December, the government together with different stakeholders raise awareness across the country to spread the message against women and children abuse and urge community members to speak out and work with the police to arrest the perpetrators.
Captain Solomon Sibiya of Kagiso Police Station mentioned, “the purpose the march this day is to raise awareness and encourage people of kagiso to take a stand against Gender Based Violence, as we are trying to highlight that this is too much and people should not die in silence but everyone should speak up, women, men, children and community at large and this is the only way we can fight this issue of abuse. In Kagiso unfortunately, week in and out, victims experience violence especially domestic violence that is very rife and we normally organize community meetings, where we address and fight the scourge. The community responds well but the crime repeats itself. if it were possible, we would have such meetings on weekly basis but there is hope.” Affirmed Sibiya.

From the fire department in Krugersdorp David Selomogo mentioned, “our opinion as firefighters is that mostly, GBV is the main factor that create fire and destroy properties. Remember that our work is to save lives and save properties and the community at large. Therefore people need to understand that Gender Based Violence doesn’t begin when someone lays a hand against you but with the hurtful words and it builds up until he or she will begin to physically abuse you. So, lets stand up and fight this violence.

From God’s Divine Nature Social Worker Aphiwe Sidimo added that “the theme for 2021 awareness campaign is to move from awareness to accountability. Enough awareness has been raised and stakeholders have raised enough awareness 365 days a year. Now we are urging the community, victims, families and everyone to come forward and report any form of violence they experience in their lives especially against women and children to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Thabo Motlhabi Soweto Sunrise News