The Gift of Life

Life is a miraculous gift and therefore we need to wake up each day with an attitude of gratitude concerning the life that we have, that each one of us has been given grace along with other tools to make the most of our life’s circumstances.

The scarcity mentality robs us of the ability to step forward and make a mark but rather keeps us confined to our present reality. This state of myopia limits our ability to reach out for those things that we cannot see but aspire towards.

The ability to visualise and transcend the current three-dimensional reality and move into the faith filled spiritual dimension not only differentiates but is the distinguishing factor between the visionary and the stagnant. The visionary is always on the lookout for opportunities even in adversities, where challenges are seen as opportunities for growth and are therefore embraced. Their time is used effectively as it is seen as an investment. They often do not engage in meaningless relationships but each encounter is seen as an arena for growth. Their hands are tentacles used to help those in need around them. Not only are they influencers but also trend setters of their time, each day is carefully planned and orchestrated to bring out their best.

Since visionaries are not born but made, it means that their behaviour is not inherent or genetically encoded. This in itself is good since it levels the playing field, giving anyone an opportunity to excel. Whatever comes into contact with them whether in resources such as money or otherwise has to grow. They attract money and gives it the respect it deserves, not being controlled by it but in full control thereof. They are the Patrice Motsepe’s and the Bill Gates of their time.

The opposite to the scarcity mentality is the abundance mentality which offers an optimistic outlook towards life. Take a look at what it is that you have which you can richly offer to the world, as all of us are born with something that we can offer. The world awaits me and you to bring about the best of ourselves.

No two people in this world are ever the same, even twins might look the same but come bearing different gifts. So then find your gift, make your mark and shine as it is never too late for as long as we live in this chronological realm, each day is given as an opportunity to make lively transformations into our present existence.

Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News

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