Entrepreneurial Artist’s Expressive Dialogues

Are entrepreneurs born or made? This statement is on debate amongst business economics practitioners, academics and fundis alike arguing whether all people can be trained to be entrepreneurs or successful entrepreneurs only come from those that are naturally born so or are naturally inclined to be and posses entrepreneurial traits of independence, confidence, resilience, self-motivation, creativity, risk taking and a positive attitude.
Reatleha Khabele of Orlando East, Soweto is a born entrepreneur and gifted artist intent on opening up healing, constructive and human development conversations through her artworks.
The 23 year old fine artist and matriculant of St Andrews for Girls School who began executing graphic art whilst at school has exhibited her works with UN-cede Prodigy’s Motivational Wellness Session, Julie Miller’s African Contemporary Art Institute at The Mall of Africa and the University of Johannesburg. The latter is motivated by her resolve to not only be a creative artist but also an independent and entrepreneurial curator or sales agent of her own work. It’s her ambition to change the status quo about the representation of both art and artists in the community and industry.
“All my works are purposed to evoke human emotion and talk to human conditions of whichever form. I talk to humanity through emotions. To start conversations about different human conditions and development, as well as to present art as a medium of expression for both the buyer and the artist. To change perceptions particularly in her community from abstract to a tangible way of an expression and engagement evoking various conversations.
On 30 May 2020, Reatleha is scheduled to participate in UN-cede Motivational Wellness Session at the Orlando Community Hall where she’ll be displaying her singing talent. She is also developing her artistic skills in drama.
She’s looking forward to the next Soweto Marathon in November 2020, where she will be skilfully sketching the participating athletes. Reatleha extends her socio-entrepreneurial endeavours as a tutor in Mathematics and Art.
For more of Reatleha’s work and her presentation on You Tube, and she may be reached through Instagram on reatlehakhabele.

Dumi Mkhabela Soweto Sunrise News

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