Another day towards victory

South-Africa has banned any movement inside the country and closed all non-essential businesses as it desperately seeks to stem the spread of coronavirus following a horror month in which reportedly one person loses their life. The country will be on lockdown for almost three weeks as authorities try to halt the progress of the virus.

Although the majority of South-Africans are complying with the regulations, on day one of the lock-down some residents in the townships across the provinces, especially Gauteng have not heeded the call. People have been spotted wandering empty streets, gathering at parks to play games and walking their dogs, despite orders by the President to self-quarantine. Some have reportedly been found bingeing on booze and subsequently found themselves behind bars.

Day 2 of the lockdown saw more of the mall patrons coming in large numbers at the Dobsonville mall to conduct their various affairs towards month end. Although the mall management working with supermarket managers in restricting large crowds from entering, people co-operated and were patient to enter in small groups in line with the stipulated requirement to maintain a safe distance.

On the same breath many people stayed at home and heeded the call to social distances and unnecessary movement, as more and more people in the provinces are realizing the reality of the pandemic, some felt obliged to attend to the pressing responsibilities such as paying bills and getting the essentials goods.

Citizens have been advised to complete a self-declaration form to justify why they were leaving their homes, with only valid reasons being for work, health-related issues or go to the supermarkets.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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