Yes We can Beat It!

From the National Command Centre to the youngsters in the streets, oh yes, we can beat it! It may be invisible but we can beat it if we are united in our efforts. As a society faced with so many social ills, we find ourselves faced with another storm threatening our very being.

This is not about what your neighbour does, or some doctored videos and pictures you forward via social media amounting to fake news, but what you can advise them to do to stay safe and healthy, because on a serious note, infection takes place silently and spreads fast.

 Someone painted a picture of an apartheid style scenario where the army and police were deployed to curb the violence in the streets. But this is a different story where in peaceful times the people are faced with a scourge that is serious beyond comprehension and that which we have witnessed its ravaging death trail across the globe. The reality lies with the potential danger this virus imposes to society especially to our most vulnerable citizens.

The battle is not left for the leaders or medical personnel or some civil group, but what you and I are prepared to do. To keep the distance and stay at home with our families. Already we have communities that are living in congested areas. It is better that we follow the regulations and stipulated health practices, maintaining good hygiene. To avoid large group queues as some retail stores put trolleys between people to increase the distance. To reduce close contact and maintain control at social grant pay-outs and banks as well halting unnecessary travel.

We can use nearby shops and spaza shops to obtain our basics such as milk, bread and eggs. Most of our essential services workers have been outstanding and deserve an applause. The truth of the matter is that once we have an outbreak of the disease, how will the hospitals cope with the many cases that will require treatment at one time? It is of no use to be arrogant and display the ‘it won’t happen to me attitude’, thus believing that you can break the stipulated rules because you will only hurt your loved ones by joining those already behind bars.

Once we identify the enemy we will triumph! We will also go back to normal life sooner if we adhere to lock-down rules as allayed by the country’s number one, because then the authorities will have accurate stats of infections and a positive advantage for control. Let us report any signs of symptoms related to the Covid-19 virus to the authorities as soon as possible. There is help out there. Together we can beat it! Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News.

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