Minister to maximise Learning during Lockdown

In his update from the National Command Council, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Mr Blade Nzimande did not mince words when he emphasised that the lockdown period was not a holiday for students across the land and that school learning time should not be lost.

This he mentioned as his department was deliberating on online learning interventions by teaming up with the various learning institutions. Furthermore, that there be established a zero-rated data usage for students so as to access online learning to stay abreast with the syllabus and modules so that students do not fall behind in their studies.

He also mentioned that the students who arrived from Wuhan, China have successfully finished their stipulated days of quarantine and will be taken to their respective homes across the provinces.

Students who are still living at residences in several Universities in the country are to comply with regulations of the lock-down including social distancing. He further reiterated that most of these students are from foreign countries and the disturbing factor that concerned him was that a considerable percentage of them were not fully registered.  The TVET college students were reported to have all gone home, whilst the NESFAS students would carry on receiving their allowances including their learning material funds.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR from its technological innovation and national interest, will establish a dashboard from which the assess some areas in the provinces across the country based on acquired data, the hotspots where the covid-19 virus is more prevalent. In this regard a central place looking at the Epidemiology will be established in conjunction with the department of health to fight the scourge. An official study on 2400 individuals was carried out as a survey to measure the general behaviour and attitudes in societies with regards the pandemic.  

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