Ngcezula to head up JDA for next five years

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has appointed Anthony T Ngcezula as CEO.

Ngcezula is a Fullbright scholar with an MBA and BCom from Nelson Mandela University, an MSC (mathematics) from Louisiana State University, USA, and a BSc (mathematical studies) from University of London, UK.

He also holds postgraduate qualifications in Municipal Executive Finance Management and Public Finance & Fiscal Management in Local Government from the Wits School of Governance. Ngcezula’s expertise lie in project management, corporate governance, banking, corporate services and social housing.

Before joining the JDA, Ngcezula was Acting Group Executive Director for Corporate and Shared Services at the City of Johannesburg; Acting Executive Director for City of Johannesburg Housing Department and CEO of the Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO).

Ngcezula assumed this role at the JDA on 01 April and will for the next five years be at the helm of this wholly owned area-based development agency of the City of Johannesburg. As the City’s development agency, the JDA combines a social, economic and environmental mandate in the renovation, innovation and re-imagination of Johannesburg’s built environment and urban communities through a reinforced programme of place making and area-based development. The JDA has undertaken well over 500 projects throughout Johannesburg.

Ngcezula brings in the requisite expertise and skills set to propel the JDA’s mandate and vision to build a better city in a sustainable way through its capital investments on behalf of the City of Johannesburg.

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