Army Presence not a Threat

Positioned at the Bara taxi rank at a joint operation, 21 South African Infantry Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Charles Stabataba related that the joint operation with the other security clusters presented a battle with only one enemy, the Corona Virus. Breaking misplaced perceptions and comments that the army in full might and armoured vehicles, came to execute those who broke the lockdown regulation. He proudly commented that, “we appreciate that people are beginning to heed the President’s call. Of late, they wear protective face masks and are sanitizing. More people are staying at home.” To complement his statement, at the rank there is a big tank filled with sanitizer liquid where commuters can conveniently turn the tap and sanitize their hands.  

“We are distributing printed material in the form of pamphlets and booklets to educate people about the Covid19 pandemic at the taxi rank. The country’s citizens should know that we are here for them, as a helper not a force, playing the role of complementing the SAPS and JMPD in controlling the pandemic during the lockdown.” Reiterated Colonel Stabataba. He further mentioned that they can only claim success if the pandemic is brought to controllable levels. He is satisfied that it is quiet and there is less movement during the night, with only a few individuals attending to emergencies, and those walking the streets during the day, respond well when told to go home.

In response to the alleged brutality metered by SANDF members, the Colonel mentioned that they don’t work in isolation but in conjunction with the SAPS and is fully aware of the allegations toward the army personnel. He gave an assurance that any form of brutality will be fully investigated. And also, in his response to attacks against his members, he reiterated that, “we have been trained to work under difficult situations, having endured more precarious situations during our defence operations. Otherwise there are no serious incidents thus far, and the day to day operations are going well with the defence force mandate to containing the scourge.”

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News   

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