Problem Areas Identified by Community Safety Department

Following the crackdown of illegal alcohol sales, Gauteng Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko, related that concerned citizens lodged complaints that it was business as usual that people were roaming around freely not observing lockdown regulations. Speaking at the Diepkloof SAPS where the security clusters launched an intensified operation to clamp down on civilians not cooperating in the lockdown thus putting others at risk, the MEC mentioned that they received tip-offs and forwarded messages that people continued gathering and that children were playing outside in the streets without adult supervision.

“Today we are in Soweto, siyabangena! Please make sure you know where your kids are. Keep them inside the yard as your children can bring infections right in your home where you are locked in.”  She warned that children found outside will have their parents arrested. There is a reason why schools are closed, as a measure to protect them not to infect one another.

There is also lawlessness at the taxi ranks. There has been an observation of cigarette smugglers with backpacks carrying their merchandise of which is puzzling as to where they get their stock as the factories were closed, which meant that there are underground operations. We are aware of your activities. Warned the MEC.

There is also a concern that people are brewing sorghum and some sort of alcohol in their homes. They use ingredients to brew ‘mbamba’ adding together ingredients such as king kong, bread and yeast, items that are now scarce at the supermarket shelves.  The idea of the lockdown was to prevent people from getting intoxicated and to stay safe at home with their loved ones. When people are high, they tend to forget to take care of themselves, they forget to wash clean their hands and practice social distancing.

We urge the community of Soweto to comply and prevent the breakout which will leave the township without functionality. Our main action is to encourage citizens to comply and educate their fellow human beings about the seriousness of the pandemic. Do your house chores and find creative ways to conduct positive activities indoors and inside your yards. Reiterated MEC Mazibuko.

She further mentioned that there were a few notorious locations in Soweto, such as Diepkloof, Meadowlands, Chiawelo, Moroka, White City, Zola and Emdeni where they received most complaints. Stop loitering and avoid gatherings at the street corners.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News

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