Motse Moholo Home receives more pampering

Representatives from Spiti Tis Doxas Ministries recently visited Motse Moholo Home for the elderly and vulnerable children based in Snake Park. This to extend the gift of love to supplying them with the necessary essentials and groceries to keep them going. The intervention being a second visit to the home, leader Nkele Manka, mentioned that, “we thank God each day at the home for seeing another light of day.” We thank the church team and may the Lord increase you abundantly for your dedication. Your passion is what brought you here. You surprised us not so long ago and presented to us goodies we never expected. Now you extended them by even supplying adult sanitary products.

The church team also responded that they were grateful for the warm welcome, “we feel at home.” Evanelist Nomvula Khoza further mentioned that, “We Spiti Tis Doxas Ministries, we are here to bring love, hope especially to those who have given up. Our joy is to see the gogo’s and mkhulu’s, our beloved fathers and mothers. The Bible instructs us to honour and love them and we stand here because of them as they reared us. We thank God for the opportunity that he has granted us to contribute the way we can.” The elderly’s faces brightened up as songs of praise and worship commenced as the visitors were directed into the premises.

Nomvula handed the toiletry gift from church leader, Prophet Elizabeth Mashaba to Nkele so she may help pamper the elderly. The overwhelmed Nkele and her team of care givers thanked the church leader and further mentioned that, “whenever you come and present your charity efforts, we in return receive strength to us carry on. We receive life and growth! People are afraid to come out because of the fear of Covid-19, but you sacrifice your time to help others.”

Sizakele Ndlovu also praised the care givers for leaving their homes to render their selfless acts of caring for the most vulnerable in society. Motse Moholo Home are running out of space to accommodate new patients who come in for care, therefore they request donation of two zozo’s or shacks to be erected within the premises to complement the house. They also require a freezer. Please contact Nkele Manka on 082 500 7481.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News.

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