Long queues food parcels

Orlando Power Station in Soweto, some residents queued up in the hope to getting the essential food parcels, as the queue grew longer and longer it remained uncertain if everyone will receive as the ladies from the nearby Motsoaledi village behind Bara hospital were lucky enough to receive.

Ultimately the authorities convoy pleaded with the remaining hopeful to disperse and go home, hopefully to get their turn another time. More people hope to lay hands on the much-needed food parcels that present a glimmer of hope, making a difference as the future looks bleak for the needy.

In another incident an unknown man in Orlando West, Soweto next to Vilakazi Street, made residents to fill the list by writing their particulars on, promising them to deliver the essential groceries, but alas! People queued up for a long time with nothing happening until they decided to disband and go back to their homes.

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