Retail Clothing Stores Open

The first day of level 4 lockdown amidst relaxation of some of the restrictions, saw some of the clothing stores opening their doors to the public. This as expected was met with visuals of spiraling queues at the malls and smaller retail centers. Retail security personnel checked the temperature of shoppers as well as sanitizing them at the store entrances. But it is commendable that people responded well to wearing protective face masks including plexiglass types.

The huge turnout was as a result of people having being expected to purchase winter clothing and blankets in preparation for chilly months that are predicted to increase the prevalence of the virus as it reportedly thrives in the cold. At the Westgate mall in Roodepoort some of the popular take away outlets remained closed. The bigger stores had queues dedicated to them, as patrons were unperturbed by the length of the lines, the social distancing in the queues remain a concern.

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