Medical Personnel Brace Fight Against Covid-19

While growing up, nurses, teachers, priests and the police were the revered members of society. Today with the fight against Codiv-19 pandemic we are reminded again why they were so revered, particularly the health care professionals, nurses and doctors who are in the front-lines against fighting the spread of the Corona Virus.

But the least question asked is how is their apparent heroism and noble call for duty to save lives is affecting them individually physically, psychologically and in relation to their immediate families. For many of them, I suppose it comes with nature of the job, its responsibility, omafela ngaphakathi, they cannot complain or even express their personal concerns but from those who could comment, it is clear that the current pandemic is both worrisome and requires a certain social adjustment.

For the health professionals the precautionary measures not to get infected is also carried at home with safe practices to protect loved ones, for instance changing occupational clothes and bathing upon arrival before interacting with the rest of the household. For those living with partners it’s a challenge to practice social distancing against factors such as intimate connections.

Notably the Codiv-19 pandemic has increased the probable risk of health compromise in addition to diseases they had been familiar with and are managing. The Corona Virus poses to be yet another health threat to tackle, avoid, diagnose, treat and manage.

Current public testing and screening remains two-pronged, home visits by health workers and referrals for further treatment. Alternatively, people pro-actively approach the designated health sites, including clinics, for screening and testing.
Nevertheless, testing for Covid-19 allegedly remains optional for health workers.

Dumi Mkhabela Soweto Sunrise News

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