My Outside Family Outreach!

Tumishang Chiloane observed a need by a group of the so called Nyaope addicts who normally gather around to find a way to make means to feed their addictions.
He shares his sentiments, “Reaching out to MY OUTSIDE FAMILY is a personal dedication to provide a meal or any kind of necessary assistance to our brother and sister nephews and nieces who find themselves outside proper family structure and they can only receive help from outside family, hence this outreach is called ‘MY OUTSIDE FAMILY OUTREACH’.

Please note that this project is based on an individual act of kindness that can be performed by any other person within our society. As an individual I decided to help out and share the little that I have. I then chose the group of these chaps.

Tumishang mentions that government interventions to feed the needy may dry up some day and when that happens, individuals will have to continue with the outreaches.

He further mentioned that he had received calls from people asking him if he runs an NGO. “People have an idea that the NGOs are where the funds are. Where people want to take advantage of the relief funds, leaving deserving people and families suffering.” He quipped. His outreach is running and encourages others to do likewise.

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