Where is God in all of this?

Long queues have become a familiar sight in our country, people desperately lining up for food parcels, with their faces draped with hopelessness and despair, organisations working tirelessly around the clock to try and meet the insatiable demand for food supplies to a point where it almost seems like they are pouring water down a bottomless pit.

The air around is heavy with the fear of the Corona virus an invisible enemy which has killed thousands of people around the globe. These times have widened the social inequality margin to a point where there is a clear dichotomy between the haves and have-nots.

These disparities have always been present but seem to be amplified by the presence and effects of the virus. Many have received SMSs informing them of their retrenchments as companies are closing down because of the lockdown, and this has escalated the unemployment rate in South Africa, on the other hand the virus is spreading and there is still no cure for it whilst many have been tempted to ask ‘Where is God in all of this?’

The answer to this question is that He is knocking at your heart in the form of Jesus Christ and asking you to let Him in so that He can come and reside in you leading you to the Holy Spirit, allowing God into your life will change the trajectory of your life and give you a different perspective and steer your life in a predetermined direction. Whether we like to believe it or not God is the creator of life and over the years we have removed Him from the centre of our lives and placed Him in the periphery and now when our world is crumbling we are forced to seek for Him.

God is good and His goodness is found in every situation. For those who have lost their jobs this might be a good time to re -evaluate their skill and see how best they can be used, we have to admit that things will never be the same, the landscape of business has changed, this scale of digital migration is unparalleled, in this digital world data is the currency of the day and this will give access to a myriad of opportunities both to businesses and to job seekers, so take time to position yourself.

 Virtual reality has slowly crept into our society, it started taking over our social lives and now we are forced to rely on it as a platform to keep our economy afloat, since face to face interactions have proven to be risky. From now on, we need to embrace this change and see how we can apply it into our lives and use it as a tool to advance our future endeavours.

God is forever present and He is not limited by time or space, all He wants is a relationship with you and He will guide you in all things to come. And as to the answer to our topical question, God is right in the middle touching the hearts of many to provide food for the have-nots, and eradicating those invisible walls such as racism, tribalism, for the first time we see politicians peacefully working together, government working with civil society, we see the spirit of giving, businesses digging deep into their pockets to make sure that people have food, Scientists working hard to find the vaccine.

Small businesses are diversifying their skills and although it pains us that churches have been closed, we see our church leaders extending boundaries by using social media platforms reaching out to more people than they word have in their traditional church buildings. Above are pictures of items which people have discarded, but have been meticulously recreated to form a masterpiece, this is an analogy of life where God is the artist who is able to recreate from fragmented and discarded pieces to form a masterpiece, one thing that you should remember is that you matter to God and He loves you as you are.

Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News

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