Lejwe La Thuso in the Frontline

Scores of needy residents in Dobsonville braved the Covid-19 on Tuesday 05 May to register to receive food parcels. As part of Lejwe la Thuso’s community outreach program, the food parcel handout is expected to assist those in need throughout the lockdown period. It is remarkable that this is not a government funded initiative.

Founder of Lejwe la Thuso, Angeline Molete, thanked community members for their cooperation and urged people to inquire if they need clarity on matters related to the registration and distribution of food parcels. “We are trying our level best to assist people with basic needs. So people should appreciate whatever we give them”. Mentioned Molete. She added that preference will be given to Dobsonville residents.

According to Molete, who’s organisation also donated to other homes and NGO’s, more than 559 food parcels were distributed in the last week of April and another 200 residents were registered to receive in the near future.

Some of the furious community members threatened to protest and disrupt the registration saying they were not told on time while others complained that some of the items such as chicken pieces and milk were not added to the previous food parcels. Throughout the provinces there have been reports of unruly individuals who threaten the Good Samaritans selflessly helping those in need across communities.
Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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