Church Charity radiates Care center

Spiti Tis Doxas Ministries led by Prophet Dr E.N. Mashaba visited Imbali Entle HIV Aids Foundation and Care Centre at Dzana Street in Dobsonville. The church charity team which has provided various organizations and persons with dire needs offered the home a variety of items spreading the Gospel message of love and care for the vulnerable in societies. Patrick Moore, the director of the home whom the church asked to supply the list of their needs, was short for words in expressing his gratitude for receiving the donation and support.

The selfless Pat cleans his patients wounds, washes after them, including clothes and areas they live in as he conducts house calls with his care-givers. His patients include kids and adults, those who are chronic, terminally ill, the disabled and mostly those that need care round the clock. He houses 23 individuals at his home and mentions that with his 20 care-givers, they visit as many as 2100 patients in Soweto, Roodepoort and as far as Kagiso. Their travelling are sometimes conducted on foot when they do not have travel fares. One of his resident patients Amos Ngwenya came out of prison with numerous ailments which rendered him unable to do even basic activities, now assists Pat in the daily duties like helping to manoeuvre the wheelchair bound patients.

“I don’t heal people God heals people,”mentioned Pat, as he explained to visitors that some of his disabled patients have benefited and improved by his administering physio-therapy on them. He also mentions that some of his patients’ doctors at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital request his assistance in administering therapy. Pat mentioned that he doesn’t have formal education in health but complies with the basic health requirements in nursing. He was recently awarded certificates by the health department officials in recognition of his skills set. Some of his abilities are that he can stitch wounds and attend to accident victims, etc.

Church members were touched as he presented a disabled child who was locked in a room by her aunt for months, that he went to rescue and keep under his care and another abandoned by her mum in the field and found by the police. He had to convert his Wendy house office to another bedroom to allocate space for new patients with special needs. The care-givers only work during the week and he has to put in the balance of work over weekends.

Patrick mentioned that he started the practice of taking care of the sick 34 years ago when he was just 16 taking care of his late parents who both had cancer. He tried various career moves including police work but his call was in care-giving, which he started from scratch without a penny, he mentions. He told visitors that the road of life is characterized by humps and when you encounter thorns just remove them and know that God has a purpose for your life! He then introduced his son Tshepo whom he proudly says has joined him in his care ministry. He thanked the media house Soweto Sunrise News and the church for alleviating their plight in bringing the parcels.

The visiting Pastor Chrina Anyamele mentioned that the church leader Prophet Mashaba has a heart for such Homes and sent the church delegation to bless Pat’s Home. “We believe that God is guiding and covering you. Your ministry will be in our prayers. Thank you for honouring God’s purpose.”She concluded. Pastor Nomvula Manythe and Vincent Ramaru appreciated what Pat was doing out of his heart, not pursuing finances as others do, but that God hears your cries and that He may increase His grace upon you as well as to give you the bigger space which you require to operate in, through challenges, run the race as the reward awaits you.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News

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