Africa meditates for Peace

i-Meditate Africa (IMA) is a campaign initiated almost 7 years ago for peace in Africa. Many African countries have been suffering due to violence, food starvation, basic sanitation and many more. This year the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything where gatherings of big numbers of people have been forbidden globally. The lockdown which started early this year in some parts of the world has changed the lives of people drastically due to the killer virus called Coronavirus.

Over five million people in over 140 countries have daily benefited through live meditations conducted by the founder of the Art of Living Foundation and Global Humanitarian Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar through various global Art of Living social media platforms.  

Meditation has the ability to connect us all beyond the boundaries of race, creed and nationality. Meditation brings deep rest, calmness in the mind and inner peace needed for world peace.

Sri Sri said: “Covid-19 has a huge hit on the economy globally. Many jobs have been lost and many people’s jobs have been put at risk. Even though we must advance in science and know more about nature and creation at the same time we need to be careful when dealing with health of planet earth and need to be conscious of the environment.

“Covid-19 has taught us a good lesson how nature rejuvenates itself, how the ozone layer is back in the north pole, how dolphins are seen in the Mumbai coast and Bangalore has got back its weather that it had 50-years-ago so there is some good things happening at the same time need to care of millions and millions of people who have lost their jobs and do not know what to do,” adding that, ”we need to teach ourselves how to handle our minds and emotions. If your emotions are flying haywire and our thoughts are all over the place, then we don’t know what we are doing. We need to educate ourselves about our self. Life has no manual, unlike a car, with which we learn how to conduct ourselves. Do good unto others and do what you would to yourself.”

Gurudev stated that if human beings are being robbed off their compassion, they cease to be human beings, but they do very little to nurture their fragments that nature has given them. They need to educate themselves on how to handle challenges. Life is not smooth, there are thorny bushes and education is very important to develop the strengths to handle tough times.

Sri Sri spoke strongly about the youth and them being in the extremes of either being depressed or aggressive which are both troubling factors in society. For depression the youth need to be uplifted and for aggression need to calm the youth down. Those youth who are depressed cannot help themselves and have no indication to help others while those who are aggressive have no care, concern or compassion for anyone. Aggressive people harm themselves even more than they harm others.

IMA had three different sessions where they had delegates from different African countries who were in conversation with Sri Sri. i-Meditate Africa Series 1– “Africa Creates”, meditation and building inner peace in the context of Sports, Arts and Culture with Honorable Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa.  Series 2 – “Africa Innovates”, the role of meditation in driving innovation in Education, Health and Commerce with nine amazing panelists. Four of South Africa’s very best had the opportunity to interact with Gurudev, they were Prof. Adam Habib, Prof Salim S. Abdool Karim – South Africa, Dr Adriana Marais and Ignatius Sehoole and we had Prof. David Norris –Botswana, Miss Juliet Namudu Nambi –Uganda, Prof Paddy Upton – Former South African, Kumi Naidoo-South Africa and Manhar Mooney- Botswana Series 3 – “Africa Unites” – building Africa, building the world with Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi – South Africa, Marlene Le Roux – South Africa, Mary Khaemba – Kenya, Simon Kaheru, Uganda, Ambassador Rudo M. Chitiga – Zimbabwe, Prof. Fred McBagonluri – Ghana Vice Prime Minister – Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun – Mauritius.

Honorable Minister Mthethwa explained that the South African government are grateful that Sri Sri has invited them on his illustrious journey of spiritual development of stimulation and fulfillment. They hope to be part of the journey because they seek answers everywhere to ensure the vulnerable in the society are protected especially the space the country currently is in since the start of Covid-19 and the lockdown.

Minister Mthethwa said: “We are really touched at what we do at a spiritual level, artist are your best partners, particularly at the level they keep all of us safe and they ensure our souls as a nation are kept intact.”

Sri Sri said: “Sports lovers and players feel strangled with this as it is the season they go out and play around the world. It has come to a standstill. There must be a lot of frustration from the sportsmen, so I think meditation and breathing exercises and these sorts of things can help them reduce stress and keep confident. Today, somehow, I see the world over that people’s confidence has shaken, sort of insecurity has creeped in, one is health and second is finance. These are the two things people look for security in the world. When both of these pillars of life are shaken that is exactly when they need much more inner strength and these meditations being conducted all over the world seems to be helping people.”

Gurudev speaking to the panelist expressed the importance of meditation, breathing exercises, and music. Gurudev said: “I recommend professionals to listen to music and make it a ritual almost every day, see because our brain is such, the left brain is such, the left brain is logic and the right brain is music so when you giving so much load on your left brain the other part of your brain remains tarred. We need to provide for that part of the brain too. It is also recommendable that a professional listen to instrumental music as you will feel energetic. Work is generally draining so naturally your emotions are toxicosis. Also do breathing exercises – it takes us a long way to having a calm centered mindset. In all these testing times we are going through , we need inner strength, the mental strength is very essential while we have to be in close door, people are getting depressed, feeling agitated and it will reflect on their job which won’t be of quality    if not mentality calm, meditation is what will give you tremendous strength.”

Links below to watch the full three series:

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