Maplankeng Restaurant packs a punch

A visit to Maplankeng Fast food Cafe at corner Molebatsi and Moloto streets old Dobsonville for food tasting and restaurant review was a blast. It’s a unique structure made of wood material divided in to two rooms, with one as the reception area looking upmarket in style and complete with all reception accessories e.g. laptop, point of sale machine and a hand sanitizer. The other room is the kitchen what we normally say in hospitality jargon, ‘the heart of the restaurant’.

Thabang Ngwako, one of the managers, introduced us to his assistant as he was overseeing the prep for the mystery dish that we were offered to taste. I eventually met Mosala Molwane an apprentice chef who multi-tasks as duty manager, receptionist and a cook who to related that the culinary training school was halted due to Covid 19.

The name Maplankeng reflected the material used to build the structure, displaying appealing artistic African motifs complemented by a contemporary and stunning ambience and unique palatable menus. They opened their doors in March 2020 and the Café operates from 10am till 7pm weekdays. Their staff complement comprises of 5 staff members.

The upmarket fast food Cafe style menu give one a great variety of selections from beef, chicken and pork, etc. Currently they deliver orders to clients as other restaurants, which will eventually become a sit in place. The top floor of the restaurant will give a stunning view of the area. Some of the challenges he experienced with his customers are not unique however a good customer service practice is always key.

Finally we were treated to tasting the mystery dish, the Buddy Platter presented in a wooden platter (ya leplanka) living up to the Café’s name. The meal looked delicious and the spicy crispy chips were presented in wire chips basket served with grilled wors, marinated chicken wings and grille saucy pork ribs with green salad on the side topped with a Greek salad dressing. What a delight! I enjoyed chips and salad more than anything.
A finger-licking delight and sumptuous experience. In my five stars ratings I give them four stars for the decor and the ambience, four stars for customer service and food. There is always room for improvement.

Lastly I sat down with Tumelo Ngwako the Manager who mentioned to me that the menu was crafted for them by a Chef consultant who personally trained them. As for himself he is a guru in training within the hospitality industry. All in all we wish them the very best and cannot wait for phase two. Good Luck and ‘Bon appétit’
Chef Patric Mabalane Soweto Sunrise News

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